2009. szeptember 25., péntek

World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.2.2

After the good news that the China server for World of Warcraft <a href="http://mmorpgindex.com" title="MMORPG">mmorpg</a> is now back up and running after two months of hiatus, it's time to get all patched up. Patch 3.2.2 has just been released by Blizzard, and we're giving you a sneak peek at what's in it.<br /><br />

It's a lengthy list, you'll have to go to their site for the full update:<br /><br />

General<br /><br />

a, The Brood Mother Returns<br />
- After years of lurking in her lair battling the many brave adventurers who travelled from afar to challenge her, Onyxia returns stronger than before to commemorate <a href="http://mmorpgindex.com" title="World of Warcraft MMORPG">World of Warcraft</a>'s five-year anniversary.<br />
- Onyxia has been scaled to offer new challenges to level 80 players in 10- and 25-player modes.<br />
- Adjusted for modern raiding, but with the fundamental experience of fighting the Brood Mother still in effect, including the horrors of her Deep Breaths!<br />
- Onyxia will now drop level 80 item versions of some classic loot items from the level 60 encounter.<br />
- Brood of Onyxia, a very rare 310%-speed mount modeled after Onyxia herself will be available for the luckiest of challengers.<br /><br />
b, Armor Penetration Rating: The amount of armor penetration gained per point of this rating has been reduced by 12%.

PvP<br /><br />

- Battlegrounds<br />
- Players level 11 and higher will now always see a daily Battleground quest, as the quest giver will only offer daily quests for a Battleground in which a player is eligible to participate according to level bracket (i.e. players levels 11-20 will always be offered a Warsong Gulch daily quest, while players levels 11-50 will be offered either an Arathi Basin or a Warsong Gulch daily quest, etc.).<br /><br />

Source : <a href="http://mmorpgindex.com" title="MMORPG">Mmorpg Index</a>

2009. szeptember 19., szombat

Test blog entry

This is an mmorpg blog, and a blog entry of this mmorpg blog made for testing if it is still working.

2008. szeptember 28., vasárnap

Fiesta Online – Open beta started

fiesta online

Hamburg, September 26th 2008 - Leading European MMOG publisher gamigo AG confirms, that the European English version of Fiesta Online goes into open beta today. After a successful closed beta period with a limited number of testers, now everyone who registers at the official Homepage http://fiesta.gamigo.com/ can immediately download the client and start playing.

A vibrant community is looking for new members

In Fiesta Online thousands of players can discover a colorful and breathing world full of adventure,free online games like runescape. Together they complete missions, hunt for monsters or take part in epic Kingdom Quests. But what makes Fiesta really special are many useful community features. The game is not just about training the character in battle, but finding new friends and spending time with them as well. But not just its features separate Fiesta from the competition. Great cell shaded characters and detailed surroundings are making the game a welcome diversion from usual free mmorpg online games. Its unique look and thought-out features already made Fiesta a big hit in Asia and the USA. After the official launch of the German version two months ago, now players from all over Europe can join the growing community and discover big treasures and even bigger friendships.

Now free for all!

"We want to thank all participators of the closed beta, who really helped us setting the game up for a bigger audience" says Elmar Kofler, Product Manager of Fiesta Online and other online games like wow. "Now we are excited to offer the game to all players who want to experience the fascinating world of Fiesta and help us to polish the game even further for its final release." gamigo invites all interested players to go to fiesta.gamigo.com to sign up and join the world of Fiesta Online. The official European version of Fiesta Online will be released later this year. Like the beta, the final version can be downloaded and played free of charge with no monthly fees.

Source : MMORPG X

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2008. szeptember 15., hétfő

Level 50 at least...

Hello mates, welcome! I'm very happy to inform that around week ago my first character advanced through all level and now I'm on 50 level :-) (until premiere of Mines of Moria anyway...)

What's new? first of all like other players on my level I'm doing deeds, there are lots of deeds in game but i pick few and all my time im spending on grinding..i don't like this after playing in Lord of the Rings Onlinebut some traits ( when you complete deed you get traits) are very good.

On the screen Mikevorn (me) vs Helchgam, he killed then all my fellowship including me :/

For the example when you reach Valor trait on level 10 you've got:

+ 286 to Morale (something like HP)

+ 10 Mighty

+ 5.8 non-Combat Morale Regeneration (if i remember correctly )

another cool trait for my class is Discipline you can get on level 10:

+30 Might

+5.0% Disease Resistance

-1.5% Melee Vulnerability

You can pick max 5 at the same time traits and when you add each one to your character, you became really strong. I will write something about other traits for combat next time.

I'm playing champion, and if you are player from Gilrain server you can find me under name

Mikevorn :-)

leave a comment if you know me cya mates on Lotro

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2008. szeptember 13., szombat

MMO Gaming Community

Who loves playing online games ? I do. You might decide me as a computer game freak but yes, I am one of those millions of various online gamers from around the world that spends a lot of time playing in front of the computer screen.

Anyway, what's the occasion to not get hooked? You get the chance to play the latest and coolest games. You get the occasion to talk and interact to other players. Plus you gain the opportunity to show to the whole online game society of how skillful you are as a gamer.

It is true that I have been an online gamer for many years now. It is just that the feeling of winning online matches has never been this sweeter, and the idea of tasting online defeat has never been this worse. Hopping from one online game sites to other is also not new to me, for I am the type of gamer that loves to analysis of what each of those game sites offer. But between my latest online game site expeditions, I just recently found out a golden find: free online games. Don't shrivel in fear now. Keep from being dumbfounded by the stunning name. Instead, be very excited. Fly or die might not be known as of the moment but its rate of membership growth is phenomenal ever since the first day it was formally launched. There's must be a great reason behind that, isn't it?
I am definitely serious on saying that this is one of those multiplayer online gaming sites that will get your attention, and will totally deserve your gaming appreciation. And if you are an online gaming fan yourself.
What is something not to love about online multiplayer games site? The free online games you can play here will totally bring the best gamer in you. Love strategy games? Try their 8-Ball and 9-Ball pool games. Do you love number puzzles? Then brace yourselves when you play the very innovative Xudoku, their online game version of the most fashionable number puzzle game. Or how about some nice chess matches?

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2008. szeptember 7., vasárnap

Updates : Batlefield 2

I had registered my game with the company when i first bought it but was amazed to know that i was getting a free upgrade to the game for free.
I got it on the email and accepted the offer and i had to fill out my address and so on and said that i should receive a new cd in a week or two with lots more maps and weapons :D Anyways, free stuffs are always fun but i love battle field games.
Just the online play tho. I hate to play it offline as all the challenges i get are computer. human touch to the game is totally different and your playing with someone who can shoot u back , unlike the computer programmed shooters who you can easily fool like the time i went from back of the guy and shot him and he never looked back. Game programmers need to really think about all this.

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2008. augusztus 19., kedd

Midnight Club 3 - Hacked !

As usual, I was playing my favorite game midnight club 3. For those of you who don't know what this game is. Its a nice car racing game. From the first time i bought this game i started to do offline races and won all the nice cars. After that i stopped playing offline and just played online as its more fun playing with real humans than computers . When i used to play Midnight Club 2 on computer, me and my friends used to modify the files of the games and make cars faster and other great stuff on it but i though it was not possible to do it on consoles. Seems some people have edited mc3's files and burned it back on a cd for ps2 and have started to cheat on the game. I was racing as usual and this guy came super fast. And do tricks that were not even available for the game and i asked him to teach me and he told me that that he had modded the game. So i copied my game files to computer and looked over the files and most of the files were same as might night club 2 so i edited few things to make me go faster and ripped the files back to cd and used my magic swap to get online with a ripped files cd and was amazed that it worked flawlessly and then in few minutes. Everyone who saw me started asking me how i am doing it and annoyed me so much and i put my default cd back on to play it the normal way because i don't support cheating on the game. so guys go ahead mod your mc3. Till next time. Source : MMORPG X

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